Most readily useful vacuum cleaner Suction Cup Lifter Tools


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Large sheets of lumber, steel, or cup are tough to hold with your hands. You are able to barely put the hands around a sizeable panel to raise and make it. When dealing with tiny panels like tiles and marble tops, it really is challenging to line them up in the event that you grab them by the sides. You could resolve these issues making use of a suction glass lifter.

In this informative article, we will explore suction glass lifters a.k.a vacuum cleaner lifters, plus some of the finest choices on the market. But first, what’s a suction glass lifter?

what’s a Suction Cup Lifter and exactly how Does It Work?

A suction glass lifter a.k.a vacuum cleaner suction glass or vacuum cleaner lifter is a tool that makes use of negative stress to add to a set non-porous area like cup, tiles, steel sheets, plus some lumber panels.

vacuum cup lifter
Lifting a big tile with vacuum pressure glass lifter

This device has a rubber or silicon concave form (glass) and a handle regarding the straight back that will act as a grip. You connect it to an object by pumping from atmosphere in plastic cups to generate a bad stress that leads to a good suction that secures the item regarding the vacuum cleaner lifter. The handle associated with suction glass lifter will act as your hold.

Types of Suction Cup Lifters

Portable suction glass lifters are offered in two varieties: manual and electric.

Electric suction lifters use a battery-powered pump to build the suction force needed seriously to hold things firmly.

On another hand, manual suction glass lifters need you to use stress by pressing the suction glass from the item to generate negative stress and form the suction seal regarding the item.


A suction lifter provides a convenient and dependable hold on flat areas. It turns a two-man task of managing big panels into a one-man task.

Some associated with companies in which vacuum cleaner lifters are helpful include construction, glazing, and renovating companies.

1. Glazing and Construction

Glaziers or cup cutters utilize suction lifters to carry delicate cup panes and marble slabs firmly whenever cutting or managing them.

Similarly, carpenters and handymen in construction industry find vacuum cleaner lifters to effortlessly raise and manipulate big panels like drywall, gypsum lumber, MDF, and plywood.

2. Tiling

whenever tiling, vacuum pressure gripper is extremely handy for lifting and putting tiles. It allows you to grasp the tiles securely by their faces and put all of them with great control. This device additionally makes effortless the work to getting old tiles out and brand new people in. Remodellers like it!

Personally, We cannot think about another option to get a vanity mirror unusual without a suction glass lifter. Additionally makes a piece of cake the task of holding and setting up big cup windows.

3. Landscaping & Flooring

And if you’re a landscaper, we do not observe it is possible to effortlessly manage the work of setting up outside tiles without vacuum pressure glass lifter. You should use it to get paver tiles and flat rocks with one hand.

But more to the point, vacuum pressure lifter makes it possible to lay the paver tiles with excellent control without disturbing the leveling sand.

4. Autobody

Another application of hand-held vacuum cleaner lifters which instead unconventional should pull a dent from a car or truck. As an autobody auto mechanic, you might like to keep a cheap device within toolbox for fast dent repairs.

How To find the most readily useful Suction Cup Lifter | Buying Guide

Consider the next crucial facets whenever choosing top suction glass lifter to your requirements.

1. Dual-cup or solitary Cup?

whenever choosing a suction glass lifter, start thinking about whether you will need a dual-cup or single-cup design.

Dual-cup lifters typically provide more lifting energy and security while they distribute force across two cups. They’re perfect for managing bigger and more substantial things.

On another hand, single-cup lifters are far more compact and ideal for lighter tasks.

First, evaluate your lifting requirements plus the fat associated with materials you intend to deal with to ascertain which kind of glass setup will be best suited for the applications.

2. Handbook or Electrical?

Another essential issue is whether you like a manual or electric suction glass lifter.

Electric suction lifters are running on batteries and use a pump procedure to generate the required vacuum cleaner force immediately. No manual pumping!

They provide convenience and simplicity of use, making them ideal for extended usage. Additionally they provide better control of the suction force exerted in addition they additionally assist rough areas like lumber and bathroom/outdoor tiles.

However, battery pack driven vacuum cleaner lifters are bulkier and need charging or battery pack replacement. Also, they are fairly loud due to the operating engine.

Conversely, manual suction glass lifters depend on your real force to generate the suction seal. As they may necessitate more work to work, they are generally lighter and much more versatile. Regrettably, they strictly assist smooth clean areas.

You can select from manual and electric based on your choice for convenience, regularity useful, materials you handle, plus the degree of hard physical work you might be prepared to exert.

3. Handle kind / Grip:

The handle or hold associated with suction glass lifter is vital for comfortable and safe procedure. Try to find a lifter with an ergonomic handle providing you with a company and comfortable hold.

Handles with non-slip materials or designs can avoid accidental slips during usage, ensuring your security and reducing tiredness during extended tasks.

Consider the form and size associated with handle to make sure it fits easily within hand, making it possible for better control and maneuverability.

4. Carry ability / Holding force

Lifting capability is a crucial element to evaluate whenever choosing a suction glass lifter. Each lifter model gets the optimum fat it may raise and hold properly.

Verify force capability associated with suction glass lifter and match it toward fat associated with materials you want to raise.

Bottom line, it is suggested picking a lifter with a lot capability that surpasses the extra weight associated with things you intend to deal with. This can guarantee safe and dependable lifting operations.

There you go!

By assessing dual-cup or single-cup choices, determining between manual and electric lifters, examining the handle design, and ensuring the correct load capability, there is the best option suction glass lifter to your requirements.

The after are our top alternatives!

Best Vacuum Suction Cup Lifters

Nemo Grabo Electrical Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter – most readily useful general

grabo portable electric vacuum lifter

Key Features

Handle: Textured hold

Maximum lifting capability: 375 pounds (170 kgs)

Single or double Cup: solitary glass

Manual or Electric: Electric

Nemo Grabo ‎is very popular portable electric vacuum cleaner suction glass lifters. It really is compact and versatile. You should use it with numerous materials including cup, marble, lumber, and steel sheets.

exactly what stands apart relating to this model (GRABO PRO-LIFTER 20) usually it’s a computerized on/off suction detector with an electronic stress measure. The pump occurs and off immediately to keep up the suction stress. This will make it an amazing suction lifter to be used with areas being rough like plywood, drywall, and paver tiles.

Although you should use the Grabo electric vacuum cleaner glass to raise around 170 Kg of product, this optimum load capability is feasible with cup. For any other materials, they are the utmost lift capabilities according to the tests:

Metal: 242lbs vinyl: 220lbs Wood: 220lbs Ceramic Tile: 375lbs Rough Concrete: 176lbs Dry Wall: 165lbs Rough Slate: 176lbs. Tested Parallel Hold: Glass: 265lbs steel: 242lbs vinyl: 220lbs Wood: 143lbs Ceramic Tile: 265lbs Rough Concrete: 176lbs Dry Wall: 143lbs Rough Slate: 176lbs.

This device includes one battery pack and another seal. It really is an upgrade toward older model (NEMO GRABO Timeless Model no. NG-2B-FB-2S) that couldn’t have a computerized vacuum cleaner pump but included 2 batteries and 2 seals. Both devices have an excellent textile carry case.

You may use the Grabo vacuum cleaner lifter for a lot of jobs however it stands apart in floor coverings and gardening jobs in which materials is probably not mirror smooth.

IMT Suction Cup Glass Lifter- perfect for Glass

IMT manual suction cup lifter

Key Features

Handle kind: Metal

Lifting capability: 176 pounds – 660 pounds

Single or double Cup: Single suction glass

Manual or Electric: Manual

The IMT suction lifter has just one circular glass. It makes use of a manual pump to generate the suction force. This device is well-built while offering great suction for cup.

It is very simple to run. You merely destination the machine on a set area and guarantee an amazing seal. Then pump the plunger several times to construct negative stress. In the event that seal is ideal, the machine holds the product unless you discharge the stress. Supplied you don’t surpass force capability.

The load convenience of cup is about 500 pounds. A pal of my own tried it on 5ft x 2.5ft cup windows plus the device held them in position firmly without slippage or losing suction.

But We don’t believe it is safe to deal with big and cumbersome cup panels alone. I suggest finding a helper to be able to utilize two suction cups to deal with the cup panels alongside cumbersome panels more properly.

The size associated with glass with this device is 8″ you could get other sizes including 10″ and 12″ offering more suction force.

The device includes a difficult synthetic case for safe storage space and simple transport.

The IMT is fantastic for taking care of cup, smooth synthetic, sheet metal, restroom partitions, smooth laminate, and any smooth areas.

FCHO Dual Cup Suction Lifter – cost effective for cash

fcho vacuum lifter

Key Features

Handle kind: Textured aluminum hold

Maximum lifting capability: 200lbs per glass

Single or Twin Cup: Dual glass

Manual or Electric: Manual

The FCHO suction glass raising unit is among the most useful handbook vacuum cleaner lifters with dual suction cups. The cups are 12 ins aside while having a 4.6″ diameter.

This device consists of aluminum, which makes it lightweight yet heavy-duty. It gives amazing holding energy regarding the right area.

But unlike the IMT suction gripper with a manual pump, the FCHO set makes use of clamp levers to push away atmosphere through the suction cups and produce suction force. It could never be top design but levers have actually decent travel, causing great holding energy.

To make use of it, you merely push on the cups from the area associated with item you wish to raise and press down both hair. Nevertheless must make certain the top is smooth and clean to prevent losing suction energy.

Overall, the FCHO double vacuum cleaner glass lifter works great while offering top affordable in its course. It grips tight and you will also break the plastic seal along with your fingernail.

It is the better spending plan suction lifter for dense eyeglasses like bath cup, cup doorways, vanity mirrors, cup dining table tops, and smooth flooring tiles. You may also make use of it to grip big devices like dishwasher and automatic washer and go them efficiently at home.

fcho suction lifter for vanity mirror
Using 2 FCHO suction glass lifters to maneuver vanity mirror unusual

Furthermore, it is possible to nevertheless make use of the FCHO set to set up single-pane eyeglasses. But you need to get a handle on the keeping force to prevent shattering the cup at complete suction force. We find beginning the clamping levers partially before placing the suction cups regarding the cup to work efficiently. It relieves a few of the suction force, preventing your flimsy cup from breaking.

Final Terms

In basic, you will need a hand-held vacuum cleaner glass lifter for properly managing sheet materials. This device provides a secure and stable hold on smooth and non-porous areas like cup, steel, granite, and marble. It’s the perfect device for managing cup doorways, tiles, cup dining table tops during positioning or treatment.

Portable suction glass lifters additionally allow you to manage hefty and cumbersome panels effortlessly, reducing the necessity for extra manpower. Additionally they prevent accidents by reducing real stress. & Most notably, vacuum pressure lifter increases your efficiency if you are using it effortlessly.

Depending in your spending plan and application, you select the best option device from our top alternatives above.

The Grabo electric vacuum cleaner lifter is the better general, providing great suction force also on rough areas. Regrettably, it is really not inexpensive!

On another hand, the FCHO set is among the easiest and most affordable dual glass vacuum cleaner lifters but just works on mirror-smooth areas.

The IMT additionally works on smooth and clean areas just but has an extremely efficient manual pump procedure for producing negative stress.

Frequently Expected concerns

which can be top handheld suction glass lifter for rough areas?

The Grabo vacuum cleaner lifter with automated pump is considered the most ideal for raising panels with rough areas since it has a computerized vacuum cleaner pump to displace vacuum cleaner stress when it’s inadequate. It’s the most useful handheld suction lifter for materials like drywall and concrete.