Gmail rolls right back modifications that strip CSS with background pictures.


After weekly of angst as Bing looked like rolling down alterations in some Gmail reports that strip CSS with background pictures it seems Bing has acknowledged the problem and it is rolling the alteration right back.

Update Aug 6: 10 times following the promised fix, The rollback is finally complete!

This must certanly be a large relief for e-mail designers that are dreading the numerous wasted hours combing through templates to handle this problem.


Sometime a week ago, numerous e-mail designers began observing that email messages in Gmail webmail began searching strange therefore ended up that for a subset of Gmail reports, in the event that e-mail included inline CSS or embedded CSS (<style>) with background-image urls, the whole inline or embedded CSS block would be stripped. Therefore not merely would the back ground disappear, others CSS designs is lost too.

Mark Robbins posted a bug report on Google problem Tracker that garnered over 300 votes.

The Problem was closed by Bing because they recommended users register the bug inside the Gmail software it self.

Thankfully after a couple of days, either through internally filed insects or through sheer wide range of votes, Bing acknowledged the problem and has now started placing a fix to move right back the modifications with a single phrase change:

A fix happens to be used and will also be rolling down because of this problem.

Timeline the fix

As lately afternoon Wednesday July the 26th, I’m nevertheless seeing the problem within my Gmail webmail account. Actually I’m seeing the problem within my other Gmail account too, therefore it may seem like it’s gotten more serious since yesterday. But I’m hopeful this may get settled soon as Bing has recognized it.

Google image proxy at fault?

As many e-mail designers know, pictures in Gmail are proxied through their proxies to guard the recipients privacy therefore visual trackers cannot identify the positioning for the e-mail audience.

Brian Theis came across an intriguing possibility while investigating. This indicates there is a bug using proxies that may possibly cause background pictures to not load, leading the CSS sanitizer rule to eliminate the CSS because of the history image.

So I’d surmise your good reason why some people are seeing the bug not other people is the fact that bug seems to be linked to which account are proxied through affected proxies.

Time for Bing to activate because of the e-mail community?

Some passionate e-mail designers have actually created the Email Markup Consortium getting all of the e-mail customer stakeholders ahead together to acknowledge a typical pair of HTML help.

Google has yet to participate therefore is like this problem would’ve been addressed a great deal sooner if a representative from Gmail had been area of the team. Therefore if anybody understands some from Gmail, inform them towards team!